My First Science Biography-2020-SER2184

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My First Science Biography

My First Science Biography explores the lives of some of the world’s best-known scientists. Highlighting the life and times of each notable scientist, this biography series provides an in-depth look at the inspiration, achievements, and successes that define these great individuals. Informative firsthand accounts and stunning visuals engage students in compelling and timeless tales. My First Science Biography is a series of AV2 media enhanced books. A unique book code printed on page 2 unlocks multimedia content. These books come alive with video, audio, weblinks, slideshows, activities, hands-on experiments, and much more.

Science | 24 pages | Interest Level 3–6 | Reading Level 3 | Trim 7.5 x 10

HC Series Set ISBN 9781791115005

DIG Series Set ISBN 9781791115012

7 Titles in Series

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Albert Einstein


Eugenie Clark


Jane Goodall


Marie Curie


Michael Faraday


Sir Isaac Newton


Stephen Hawking


Sample spreads within the series

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