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NEW IN 2020

STEM Careers

The STEM Careers series lets readers discover the fascinating work that scientists do. STEM Careers explores the scientific fields these jobs are in, the people who perform them, and the skills needed to do them well. Each book in this series features first-hand accounts of scientists, detailed descriptions of equipment and tools, and other information that is sure to engage even the most reluctant readers. STEM Careers is a series of AV2 media enhanced books. A unique book code printed on page 2 unlocks multimedia content. These books come alive with video, audio, weblinks, slideshows, activities, hands-on experiments, and much more.

Science | 24 pages | Interest Level 3-6 | Reading Level 6 | Trim 7.5 x 10

HC Series Set ISBN 9781791114985

DIG Series Set ISBN 9781791114992

Sample spreads within the series

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